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Campaign Report

Literacy For All (LFA) is a donor-advised fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. LFA's impact has been made possible through generous private donations. ​LFA convenes partners, leverages resources and spurs innovative community-based literacy programs that take a multigenerational approach to end low literacy.

There are multiple ways you can invest in communities and programs that are making literacy improvements throughout Georgia. Below is our campaign report, which details impact figures from the last two grant cycles, as well as LFA's advocacy, alliance and awareness-building activities.

Contact to find out more about how you can invest in multigenerational approaches to literacy improvements.

Heartbound Ministries


With a widespread focus throughout metro Atlanta and southern Georgia, Heartbound Ministries provides programs & resources to meet the needs of the prison community - correctional staff, inmates & their families - changing the culture from one of crime and incarceration to hope & restoration.


The Literacy For All grant supported The Little Readers program which allows children to see and hear their incarcerated parent reading to them via DVD. The goal of the program is to ease children’s anxieties about their parent’s absence, empower incarcerated parents to continue their parental involvement and invest in their children’s academic futures, and to promote a culture of literacy in families impacted by incarceration.

Friends of Refugees


Located in Clarkston, Georgia, Friends of Refugees is empowering refugees through opportunities for well-being, education and employment.


The Literacy for All grant enabled additional support for the two-generation approach to English fluency and literacy instruction/support for refugees living in/near Clarkston.

Fathers Incorporated


Strong communities grow from healthy family relationships. Located in metro Atlanta, Fathers Incorporated's focus ensures that fathers receive the supports they need to provide for the well-being of their children.

Their objective is to help fathers and children connect, raise awareness of the need for positive father involvement, and educate men and women about the importance of healthy father-child relationships.

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Click below to learn more about our 2017 and 2018 grantees.

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