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Literacy For All is the communicator-in-chief of the next wave of literacy advocacy.

We work with:


Connecting intrepid, passionate supporters with grassroots, multi-generational literacy initiatives that truly make a difference.

Literacy Partners

Connecting innovative, results-focused community partners with each other and with funding opportunities.


Connecting the dots of the fragmented literacy advocacy and donor communities to create momentum, spark innovation and spurn action that changes lives like never before.

Literacy For All doesn't run programs or write policy. What we do however, is bring the literacy community in Georgia together. Connecting donors to literacy partners who run innovative, life-changing programs. Connecting community partners to each other so that they may work together to create and scale new programs and opportunities. Connecting lawmakers to a forward-thinking, unified front in the battle against low literacy in adults, children, and everyone between, so that they may create policy that benefits everyone. And helping everyone in Georgia understand and connect with the true face, costs and opportunities in helping every person in their community and our state be literate, enabling all Georgians to thrive in our increasingly interconnected society and our ever more demanding global economy.

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